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Script Competition

  • Each qualifying script receives written coverage from a Dark Matter reviewer and a score from 1 (worst) to 10 (best).

  • Once reviewed, your script will appear on the Submissions page in order of Dark Matter's ranking, and then alphabetically within each rank.


  • The competition will be comprised of a seeded tournament, consisting of 500 entries.  Only members of the Dark Matter Community will have the right to voteDark Matter will not have a vote, an override or any input into the competition winner other than through its script coverage and review score.


  • In each round of the competition, every script will compete head-to-head with another entry.  Each Dark Matter Community member gets one vote per round.  The competition is single elimination, winner-take-all.  Over 9 rounds, the Dark Matter Community will determine the champion.

  • When you enter your script, you and Dark Matter enter into a mutual option agreement.  You retain the right to sell your script to another producer or to enter your script in other competitions; however, if you win the Dark Matter Competition, in order to receive the grand prize you must consent to Dark Matter's offer to exercise the development option.

  • If you win, Dark Matter will:

1) Offer to exercise the mutual development option for your script in exchange for $25,000.

2) Endeavor to develop your script into a feature length film (assuming you consent to the option).  If Dark Matter is unable to begin principal production of your script (i.e., filming) within 3 years of the date the mutual option is exercised, the development rights will revert back to you.

  • You have the right to decline Dark Matter's offer to exercise the option; provided, however, that if you decline you will not receive the grand prize.  In the event the winner of the Dark Matter Competition does not consent to Dark Matter's offer to exercise the mutual option, Dark Matter will offer the grand prize, in exchange for development rights, to the writer of the next-highest placing script, who will also have the right to accept or decline the mutual option.  Dark Matter will repeat this process until an entrant agrees to the exercise of the mutual option.

  • If you do not win, the option terminates.

  • From razzie worthy to oscar bait, from outer-space aliens to the heroes of beer league softball, if your script wins the competition Dark Matter will work to produce it.

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